About Avlokan Classes


To empower students to build stronger concepts to make them more confident to face any professional challenges in the future.


To help students to achieve their academic objectives by providing innovative, best in class coaching through interactive technology and methodology and to make learning meaningful and joyful.

Avlokan Classes is a unit of Avlokan Exim Private Limited. It is a Private incorporated on 28 March 2012. and is classified as Non-Govt. company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Kolkata. Avlokan Exim providing a services of Customs Broker, Freight Forwarding Agent and have owned Customs Broker License and accreditation from IATA The CIN number of AVLOKAN EXIM PRIVATE LIMITED is U74999WB2012PTC178359.

Avlokan Classes was established in the Year 2015 with the aim of preparing a candidate for Customs Broker Licensing Regulation (CBLR) Examination. We focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge and concepts in students for their success and provide excellent platform for the preparation of Customs Broker Licensing Regulation (CBLR) Examination.
We leverage best questions and quizzes with unique and conceptual solutions making concepts come to life which help the students pass the exams with flying colours.We also ensure access for all our students to well-researched study material and online videos with unique pedagogy to enable conceptual clarity of the subject matter.
We nurture aspirations and work towards the best learning experience to ensure our students a successful and rewarding future. Now-a-days, Technology has a big role & great impact on the education system. So we at Avlokan Classes have introduced digital learning system into the classroom along with online test platform & android app.

Our Responsibility is not only limited by teaching in the classroom but to raise the quality & standard of education with the ideology to provide top class learning to the students. Avlokan classes are designed to help you acquire the knowledge and skills you’ll need to become a licensed Customs Broker and to stay on top of your responsibilities.

Avlokan Classes courses incorporate the latest information regarding import/export laws and regulations so that you can be sure that your shipments meet current documentation requirements, that Customs duties, taxes, and fees are properly calculated and paid, and those goods are classified with the right tariff codes. Additionally, we have courses that teach you how to clear goods through customs, use the tariff coding system, apply for tariff reclassifications and duty refunds, advise your clients about import and export restrictions and insurance requirements, coordinate transportation and storage logistics, meet with Customs officials on your clients’ behalf, and much more.
Finally, we offer Customs Broker license exam preparation courses that will help you take your exams with confidence. The classification category is where most mistakes are made. If you do not have any experience with classification, we recommend you take this course. We have the best of everything assembled together to deliver finesse results.

At Avlokan Classes we have well-qualified and experienced teachers who impart necessary knowledge and proper guidance for the all-round professional growth of individual students. We guarantee that you will pass the exam with our Customs Broker Course.


Avlokan Classes was founded on the unique vision of providing customized, innovative, end-to-end CBLR examination solutions of the highest quality. We, on behalf of entire Avlokan team welcome you to join us and feel the blend of quality, innovation and pursuit of excellence that can change your life in a positive manner and can would you as a world class professional.

We truly understand that the final outcome is always in the hands of student; but, we also believe that it is the teacher who can truly direct the student to achieve the desired goal. I take personal interest in what’s going on in my classes, to confirm that we as an organization achieve the desired outcome. Success in CBLR Examinations, calls for a planned approach and cultivation of requisite skills. Developing such skills and attitude not only requires dedication and hard work on the part of students, but also proper guidance and training from mentor.

The talent and the energy which our students possess need to be nurtured, shaped and channeled in the right direction. Our combined efforts would bring out not only the best in their careers, but the best in their lives.

Thank you, to all who have put their trust in us. I believe in our bright future filled with opportunities and challenges and that Avlokan Classes will continually deliver on our promises and strive to perform with integrity and professionalism. You can expect consistently high-quality CBLR examination related solutions from us anytime, anywhere.

With best wishes from:

Nishant Kumar Singh
Customs Broker

Rajendra Prasad
Customs Broker

Brijesh Kumar
Customs Broker

Why Avlokan Classes ?


Avlokan Classes has the most comprehensive and exhaustive Course Content for CBLR Exams. The course material covers all the topics of all the sections that are asked in CBLR Exams enabling students to prepare extensively for CBLR Exams. The questions in the Avlokan Notes start with the easiest and end with the most difficult.


We know that even a single lecture missed can lead to many conceptual problems for the student. We provide aspirants with extra sessions apart from regular classes to clear their doubts and queries so that they can prepare efficiently for their upcoming exams. Revision is the key to top performance in any examination. We make sure that the entire portion is completed by February. This is done without rushing the portion because there is provision to exceed the allotted number of lectures. The lectures after February focus on revision and student's difficulties. We provide our students with a real time feel of the examinations conducted through our well-designed Test Series.


Avlokan Classes Tests are known to be the most accurate prediction Mock Test Papers which allows students to get the highest marks possible. All final test papers are conducted in the same atmosphere and styles as the actual CBLR papers. Students usually have a lot of difficulties after they give a test and thus there is special paper discussion sessions held regularly at Avlokan Classes. Our Classes offer Top student of our final Mock Tests are announced and awarded Prizes so as to create a healthy competitive environment which is a huge factor in the continued success of our students.


After the portion is completed, students are made to do as many revisions as possible in the Avlokan class itself which yields better marks. These difficulty solving sessions are held at regular intervals throughout the course.


For any CBLR Examination related doubts of students, we have initiated an online doubt solving system. Students can email on their doubts and the same will be solved by our tutors and sent back as soon as possible.